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Are you ready for house three on our house hunting trip? And since it's Halloween, we'll even give you a little Halloween twist we experienced while we were looking at this house. But before we get started, we're going to make a slight change to our game. I know in the intro post about our second house we mentioned sharing three homes that we looked at, but that was a mistake, or at least a misprint. All along Wendy and I have been planning to share four houses with you, but I referenced three houses rather than sharing four (House Hunters on the brain). So apparently, I lied. But I will remedy this by now going back on what I said and instead sharing four houses. Take that, journalistic integrity....
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All of the Halloween costumes we have sported since we've moved into Brooklyn Limestone in honor of throwback Thursday Halloween edition.Want a sneak peek at my latest project? Follow Brooklyn Limestone on instagram, facebook and twitter for lots more...
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Yep, that’s my neighbor. Literally. That is my neighbor’s house. Like my old house, this is one of the most notoriously haunted houses in town. My neighbor not only embraces his old house’s sordid reputation – he flaunts it! He rescued this beauty a couple years ago and has been tirelessly working to restore the […]...
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Wear Hearing Protection   Having a wood-shop means noise.  Sometimes loud noise.  Noise levels can vary widely from machine to machine depending on conditions of use, and machine type.   Protecting... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] ...
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If you are a teacher, you are familiar with the “whiteboard,” also called the “dry erase board.” It has replaced the chalkboard in most schools. Also it’s common in the workplace for lectures, strategy meetings etc. It consists of a laminated glossy white surface on which you write with colored markers. When it first appeared in the late 1980s,it was touted as a modern, much-improved alternative to the chalkboard. This was bullshit. Proponents of the whiteboard claimed that the traditional chalk board was messy and too dusty. Chalk dust could affect kids with asthma. If you’re older than 40, you may remember your grade school teacher sending a volunteer outside to clap clean the chalk-filled felt erasers every day....
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After three years in the making, the boiler epic finally wrapped today. I have a brand new, Williamson 140,000 BTU steam boiler.Granted, it's not on the epic scale of Lord of the Rings but I think it took even longer to complete it. This story began in 2011 with this tale of woe.  I had big plans about extending the house renovation by gettting rid of steam heating altogether and replumbing the house for hot water heat instead.  It made sense to do this for several reasons.  First is that hot water heat is cheaper to run.  You're not heating a cauldron of water to the boiling point and having static pressure force steam evenly throughout the house....
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Our garage workshop floor was in need of some serious TLC.  We applied an epoxy garage floor coating to cover the ugly oil stains and give the shop a nice, polished look. I’m amazed at the difference the floor makes and would recommend an epoxy coating for anyone looking to class-up their garage, basement or other concrete surface. Read on to learn how we did it and a few tips to remember when you start this project. Editors Note: A lot of readers have found this article helpful in transforming their own basement or garage. We hope you enjoy the article, and if there’s anything we missed, leave a comment. We’ll answer it as best we can ASAP. Please consider sharing this on Facebook and giving it a +1. Buttons can be found floating on the left side of your screen....
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Birch Bay House-Lakes Region, NHIn this original design, the clients and our team collaborated on an exterior that fit into the context of the New Hampshire Lakes Region and an expansive, detailed interior with a calm and sophisticated feel. The first floor has ten foot high ceilings with transom windows to allow ample light into the house on the northern side which faces the lake. Both the exterior and interior have a consistently honed fit and finish that makes an appropriate and enjoyable lake home for this couple.www.boninarchitects.comOffices in New London & Meredith, NH...
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8, 10 and 12 kW Generators Make Standby Power More Accessible KOHLER, Wis. – September 23, 2014 – Kohler® Generators is rolling out a complete new line of standby generators designed for homeowners with fewer power requirements, and who are looking for the performance and reliability of a KOHLER... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] ...
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Hey there! Long time no see. The break has been great. Admittedly a little weird, but really reinvigorating. So we’re immensely thankful not only for your support and kind comments, but also for helping put words to some of the things that we had been feeling for some time. And while the last month hasn’t been enough time to fill in all of the blanks about our future (heck, when are life’s blanks ever clearly filled in?) it has made one thing pretty obvious to us: after seven awesome years of sharing our home and our life, it’s time for our next adventure. This blog has been a staple in our lives for 80+ months, tagging along for all but three months of our marriage and our entire existence as parents....
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