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Several months back Black & Decker released the latest generation of POWERCOMMAND™ outdoor lawn and garden tools. We’ve been really pleased with this line of tools for several years, and the new string trimmer, hedge trimmer and sweeper only get better. Black & Decker was kind enough to send us test units. Read on for the full review. Black & Decker POWERCOMMAND™ The POWERCOMMAND™ outdoor tools all incorporate one of three innovative features designed to address common user frustrations. At the push of a button users can feed more line to the string trimmer, power through tough jams with the hedge trimmer and boost the sweeper blowing speed....
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As the old saying goes, "it's a jungle out there." And we'd have to agree.This summer has felt like a battle against the elements when it comes to our home's vegetation. Take our ivy, for example. When we purchased our home in 2003 it was one of the few things, along with the large tree, that seemed to be growing in our urban "garden."  While it was thin, a little scraggly, and did little to provide a much needed bit of greenery to inside of the yard as well as the outside of our wall, it was what we had to work with. For the last 13+ years we've been slowing cultivating our relationship with this green monster. Sweeping away cobwebs, removing dead vines, and carefully trimming and sculpting the mass into a thick, lush, and sometimes overbearing bit of foliage....
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Woo-hoo!  The country cottage's circular fire pit patio is finally complete!  It was a bit of a battle as we had some obstacles in the form of bedrock at the patio site and an extra cold spring and rainy weekends but it got completed in July and I'm so happy to share it. Let's start at the beginning.  This is the before:After the spot was excavated, there was a fair bit of jackhammering and rock moving required to get that round hole dug deep enough to start laying the base. Once the prep was done, the rest went a bit easier and you could really see the outdoor area take shape....
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Posted 10 hours 3 min ago on Brooklyn Limestone

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Pool Changing Room with Repurposed Materials Pool sheds come in all sizes from basic to ultra-elaborate. I have a pool, but not enough property to build a pool house on. I mean how frustrating, I’m a... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] ...
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Beige gets a bad rap in the design world. It’s synonymous with bland, boring, colorless and therefore lifeless. “Nobody’s favorite color is beige,” is something we recently heard. Heck, we’ve probably snubbed it ourselves, defensively saying “oh no, this is a warm gray – or a light sand color – certainly not beige.” But if we’re being honest, some of our favorite paint colors probably fall under the beige umbrella. Particularly Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray, which is slowly taking over our house, room-by-room. Ever since we first used it in our foyer, we’ve fallen hard for how it dances the line between gray and tan. Staying neutral, not too cold, and not too yellow. Light enough to feel airy, but dark enough to make that white trim pop....
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For years I've been saying 173 was living on borrowed time with the hot water heater.  I mean, if you looked at it you'd think it was fairly new - but no:This fine piece of equipment was installed in 1994..Yesterday she finally gave out.  After my shower I went down to the laundry room for something and I saw the water on the floor and realized this was the day.   I was able to get a plumber pretty quickly, so a few hours later:Same manufacturer but what's the odds this one will last as long?And you know how one thing leads to another?  Well, I thought I might as well change the kitchen faucet (this I did myself),  Here's the most boring picture ever taken - the old faucet:Believe-it-or-not, this simple job took several hours and three trips to the hardware store....
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Posted 6 days 20 hours ago on 173 Our Old House

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Prices of electricity on South Australia are still on the rise… Recently AGL, Origin Energy, and Energy Australia all greatly increased their prices by an average of about $200 per year. Unfortunately those big three retails account for nearly 80% of the market in South Australia. South Australia is already paying an average of $400 per year more than customers in Canberra, with the big energy retails marking up costs by about $650 per year, per customer (source)… photo credit: GOC The Pelhams 056: Pylons via photopin (license)...
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On most Saturday mornings, I like to relax by drawing or painting. This past spring, I got the notion that I would take on printing as well so I started experimenting with monotyping. I've always enjoyed sketching and liked the idea of trying to capture nearby views in print form. There is a permanence to the print juxtaposed to the quickness of a drawing that I enjoy about the monotype process. I also enjoy the chance affects that occur in this printing process. You don't always know how the printed image will come out or if it will come out at all so when you reveal the print, good or bad, there are always some surprises.Monotype is a printing process where you ink a plate and then create a single print from that plate....
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Posted 3 weeks 2 days ago on Tiny Oak Park Bungalow

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What: Babboe Big Cargo Bike. Babboe Co is a relatively young company, est 2006, in the Netherlands. That is also where the word bakfiet originated as it is actually a Dutch word meaning “box bike”. Also referred to as a cargo bike, box bike, Christiana bike, ladcykel, kid schlepper, minivan bike, trike, etc.  Where: Firth & Wilson Transport Bikes, Fishtown, Philadelphia.  We definitely recommend this great shop and staff! When: May 2016 How: Luckily they had one in stock and ready to ride home that day!  Shipping times can range up to a month for some models.  Apparently you can rent them there, too! Why: We tested another trike style cargo bike while there, a Danish brand, Nihola. The cargo area only had one bench, so our kids would have had to sit next to each other....
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Posted 9 weeks 1 day ago on Madison Square

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Canyon Ridge® Limited Edition Series Carriage House Doors Years ago there were very few options when it came to garage doors. You either bought a steel door that looked rather commercial or you went with a wood door that required lots of maintenance. Sure there were many different styles to choose... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] ...
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Posted 9 weeks 6 days ago on Helpful Advice for Home Construction Improvement