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KEEN Utility Braddock Work Boot Review We here at A Concord Carpenter have been wearing Keen Utility Boots on the job in all seasons for both indoor and outdoor work. Check out our reviews of the... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] ...
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Tick tock, Halloween is only a few weeks away which means the count down the party is on.  Time to reveal this year's Halloween invitations.This years invites duly swears in the guest as Ghostbusters for the evening complete with certificate and embroidered badge.  Obviously this one is a hit with the kids with plenty of fun for our adult friends who remember the movie. Check out our prior Halloween party invitations: xray inspired invitation in 2008,  2009's creature survival kit invite, twisted freakshow siamese twins invitations in 2010,  sick insane asylum invitations in 2011, the whimsical Wizard of Oz ruby slipper invite in 2012 and last year's mini shark attack invitation in an envelope.Want a sneak peek at my latest project?...
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I found this vintage cottage in the mountain town of Georgetown, Colorado. Georgetown is a historic landmark district that has been kept largely in its Victorian state. The town definitely has that Hallmark Christmas card feel about it. In fact, our favorite singer here at House Crazy – John Denver – was so taken with the village that […]...
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Back in 2011, I wrote an article about my failing Weil-McLain steam boiler entitled Got Three Estimates?  Get Three More. The article concluded with my finding a plumbing company willing to rebuild my ancient autofeed mechanism for a fair price.  Despite most heating contractors swearing that my 42 year-old boiler wouldn't survive the season, it made it through 2011, 2012 and the brutal, polar vortex winter of 2013 without a burp. Two weeks ago, I relit the pilot light on boiler.  The outside temps were in the 60s so I didn't turn on the boiler.  A few days later I noticed that my kitchen extension floor was a pool of water.  Rats, I'd left the windows open before an intense thunderstorm.  Cursing my stupidity, I mopped up about 15 gallons of water and went upstairs....
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After two years of dreaming, online scouring, and in person searching, we finally pulled the trigger and bought a second home that will be both a vacation/relaxation space, and another home for many more projects. For the long-winded explanation of our thought process in buying this second place, feel free to give our last post it a look. But if you’re here to get down to business and see house number one (of our top contenders), you’re in the right place.This first house we’re going to take a look at from our home search is an 1882 Victorian waterfront farmhouse in Maryland. The instant we saw this listing Wendy and I were very intrigued and a little smitten by the look of the home....
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Birch Bay House-Lakes Region, NHIn this original design, the clients and our team collaborated on an exterior that fit into the context of the New Hampshire Lakes Region and an expansive, detailed interior with a calm and sophisticated feel. The first floor has ten foot high ceilings with transom windows to allow ample light into the house on the northern side which faces the lake. Both the exterior and interior have a consistently honed fit and finish that makes an appropriate and enjoyable lake home for this couple.www.boninarchitects.comOffices in New London & Meredith, NH...
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8, 10 and 12 kW Generators Make Standby Power More Accessible KOHLER, Wis. – September 23, 2014 – Kohler® Generators is rolling out a complete new line of standby generators designed for homeowners with fewer power requirements, and who are looking for the performance and reliability of a KOHLER... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] ...
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You don’t have to be a Jerry Lewis fan to enjoy his 1963 masterwork, “The Nutty Professor,” just released in a 50th anniversary boxed set (one year late, for some reason). This film is the one Lewis production that strikes the right balance between obnoxious and entertaining. Although the story is predictably misogynistic (how could it not be in 1963?), its reliance on the Jekyll/Hyde plot and its depiction of the professor as a gentle uber-nerd give it a broad appeal. If for no other reason, the movie is worth watching for its Hollywood portrayal of college life at the time....
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Hey there! Long time no see. The break has been great. Admittedly a little weird, but really reinvigorating. So we’re immensely thankful not only for your support and kind comments, but also for helping put words to some of the things that we had been feeling for some time. And while the last month hasn’t been enough time to fill in all of the blanks about our future (heck, when are life’s blanks ever clearly filled in?) it has made one thing pretty obvious to us: after seven awesome years of sharing our home and our life, it’s time for our next adventure. This blog has been a staple in our lives for 80+ months, tagging along for all but three months of our marriage and our entire existence as parents....
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I had a pretty good day planned yesterday. I was going to get a jump start on winterizing my yard, cleaning and taking down the rain barrels, etc. so that I wouldn't be in a mad rush when things started cooling down in late October. Everything was going pretty good until I started some digging and began looking more closely at the grasses that were growing on the corner of the front yard.   These grasses aren't visible anywhere else in the yard and they seemed to be getting a little out of control. I figured that I better nip this in the bud, literally, and began pulling the grass out. Some of it came out easy but I could tell there was a more significant root system than I first thought....
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