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In order to understand some of the opportunities we have with restoring our home's exterior woodwork, I took some time to put together the research I have about the home and look more carefully at the neighboring structures. At first glance, you notice a group of similar modest structures that have changed over the hundred years since they were first built. Closer inspection reveals that some have been muddled beyond recognition while others have been carefully restored. No matter what condition, it is a group of buildings with great variety on their single bungalow theme.  There are thirty of these bungalows, on two blocks in Oak Park's Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie School of Architecture Historic District. They were all built by Raymond Hancock....
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Installing Cedar Trim onto Brick We were recently asked to dress up the rear entrance of the Concord Book Shop with a custom door surround. The brick surrounding this door has some sort of pink paint... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] ...
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The central stair hall / vestibule of our house is pretty unique for a Philly row house. The door is centered in the front facade and you immediately have three choices when entering the front door: turn left to the living room, go straight up the stairs, turn right into the dining room. Fourth option is of course turn around and down the stoop to the garden. It’s not a spacious front hall by any means, but it does mean we have a gracious steep and wide stair which is always on display to guests and tempting small children to climb. As mentioned before, we started test- stripping some paint and had paint samples on the wall and the risers. For 6-7 years. It was easy to overlook this area as we wrapped up other projects....
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Over the last several weeks I've been trying my best to replicate the historic moulding in our Foursquare.This has been a difficult task overall as I've been dealing with several variables at once. Wonky walls, weird depth, modern doors, and chunkier wood than you find in stock moulding has made this somewhat more complicated than expected.Our house is in rural Maryland and is technically a 1908 American Foursquare. At least, that's its style from the outside. But inside it's a house with a slight identity crisis....
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Posted 6 days 13 hours ago on Old Town Home

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A few weeks ago I shared the amazing kitchen renovation that my friend Anna had just completed. The transformation was pretty impressive but I've got an even better one today!  This before and after serves as such an inspiration to anyone who ever bought an ugly house. Here is what it looks like today. Isn't it just a stunner? She is waiting on the rest of the chairs but I I just had to share it. She added great trim to add so much architectural interest here and then brought the look into the future with that great counterbalance light fixture.Beauty right?  Well take a gander at what this room looked like before....Yes this is the same room!  Not only is it hideous but it's also such a throwback to growing up in Brooklyn in the 1980s....
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Yes, it is I, Sherry The Mediocre Seamstress, back with another post about sewing something while half wanting to fling the machine out the window, and then acting like a triumphant American Gladiator when I’m finished, parading around all sweaty and half clothed in full peacock mode. Behold, I have transformed one boy’s duvet cover into two. The issue was simple: my BFF had inherited her husband’s boyhood set of twin beds for their son’s bedroom. They had been using just one in their old house, but now had room to set up both in their new house (which is just a block away from mine! INSERT ALL THE EXCITED EMOJIS!). But alas, she had only one duvet cover (from Garnet Hill a few years back) and it was no longer for sale....
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A big thanks to Ridgid for sponsoring this amazing giveaway. Up for grabs is the GEN5X 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit (5-Piece). This sweet combo includes Hammer Drill, Impact Driver, Circular Saw, Reciprocation Saw and an LED Flashlight. Click here to enter! ...
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As a reminder, when I started the back stoop, which seems like forever ago, it looked like this:So it was time.  At the end of the last post, the stoop was looking like:It was getting there.  Really, all I had to do was paint, but if you know me - I......hate.....painting!  Stain on the floorboards and two coats of B-I-N primer, and two coats of paint later, here it was (of course Linus supervised throughout):Oh, just a quick step backward - here's the stoop without the doors.  As you can see the mower and some other things are stored below:What you can't see here is that the storage runs the entire length of the back porch, more storage is always good!...
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Posted 3 weeks 4 hours ago on 173 Our Old House

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AGL, our current electricity provider, recently updated us to a digital or “smart” meter. The specific model that they installed is an EDMI Atlas Mk10D. When we had the meter installed by AGL we were informed that we could opt out from the new meter. We decided to go ahead with it because it would allow us more detail of our energy usage....
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Canyon Ridge® Limited Edition Series Carriage House Doors Years ago there were very few options when it came to garage doors. You either bought a steel door that looked rather commercial or you went with a wood door that required lots of maintenance. Sure there were many different styles to choose... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] ...
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Posted 14 weeks 5 days ago on Helpful Advice for Home Construction Improvement